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Mariamma Charitable Trust

Saving Tigers

We're based in Southern India, in the Western Ghats working within a cluster of villages in the eastern part of the Bandipur Tiger Reserve.

Before it burned to the ground, the structure We're at the center of a biodiversity hot spot and home to:

  • 600 tigers
  • 8000 elephants
  • 248 native landscape species
  • 55 critically endangered species
  • 148 endangered species
  • 127 vulnerable species

We're in one of the world's most important conservation areas.

Photo of outer space
Photo of outer space


Compensation Scheme

A swift, generous and transparent compensation payment is made to the livestock owners when wildlife kill cattle, goats or sheep. This discourages subsequent retaliation killings by poisoning carcuses.

Disease Control

A birth control programme for dogs and a vaccination programme, in collaboration with the WWF, to prevent the spread of canine distemper and rabies. The canine distemper virus can kill tigers.

Medical Care

A free medical clinic, a daily nurse and a monthly volunteer doctor to help improve health and physical well-being.

Education & Training

A significant new project to build and equip an education and training centre where local women will be trained to use hand looms and produce items that they can sell. Help is urgently required

What We Do

Dedicated to protecting and preserving the Bandipur National park and the animals within.